Historical Places

Ancient historical places

  1. Business Council (center of the Pearl - House of Martian) which is a feature of Islamic architecture and Arabic.

  2. Gallery of Antiquities discovered that shed light on the history of the island for thousands of years until the Islamic era and the modern.

  3. The date juice factories (Madabes) - which was a source of food in the past – learn about the composition and how it was planned and how to make syrup (juice of dates).

  4. What has been revealed about the foundations of old buildings, shops and Mdaps.

  5. Religious buildings, among them ancient mosques of Al-Meraikhi, Al Dossary and Al-Mohannadi, all belong to the Arab and Islamic architecture.

  6. Site for human settlement dates back to six thousand years you shed light on the findings of the era of slaves and nobility of pottery on the island of Dalma.

  7. Four sites for the effects of a Muslim is a high hill above the ground shows the fraction of the pottery and porcelain, glass, bone tools and fishing and shellfish and molluscs The area of ​​these sites in kilometers.

  8. Witness in the Dalma integrated network of water of which dates back thousands of years until the Islamic era, and until recently, mention of these features yet remaining valleys - Research - hungry - wells.

  9. Dropper, a site was built with stone in the form of a rectangle which collects water from wells nearby.

  10. Cemeteries and other longitudinal circular shed some light on the history of the island of Dalma in the waiting miners and archaeologists.

  11. Hills and mountains of Dalma Island is very important for the researcher in charge of geology and history.

  12. Many kinds of minerals that you see with the naked eye.

  13. Volcano sites dating back millions of years to a very deep when you see your memory back to the geological age of the island of Dalma.

  14. Al-heerat sites on the island of Dalma, which even now is still a popular destination for divers seeking pearls is also the history of civilization is built upon the island of Dalma.

  15. View the latest archaeological finds excavated from the site of accident to drill pipes (sewage).

  16. The Mnyukh of Dalma Island and his story and Tel Abu Amama and his story.