A historical overview of Al Meraikhi House

A historical overview of Al Meraikhi House

The house of the late Mohammed Bin Jassim Al-Meraikhi is a milestone on the history and authenticity of Dalma Island, as it represents a cultural point of contact between the boats sailors and traders of fabrics and pearls, and is a landmark and clear evidence of the generosity of the people of the UAE and their love to host visitors.The House had played an essential role as a center to receive the pearl merchants where their meetings and discussions were held daily. The house was also a destination for the foreign traders who came to trade with neighboring countries. The Meeting Hall has played a major role as a microcosm of a parliament for the people of the island and traders from outside to talk and get to know the conditions of diving and trips.

The House is divided into two floors: on the ground floor, there are several rooms next to which, a room for clothing, and on the second floor there is the Meeting Hall. (Taken from Al-Ittihad newspaper 06.30.2010 (Donia Annex) - See Archive)

Starting from this century and until the first half of it, there is a signal of Dalma in the book of the British Resident Deputy in Sharjah in 1906, which reads: "the island of Dalma heavily populated during the seasons of pearl collection ...

In 1936, the new Resident wrote:” On Dalma Island lives some people of Al-Qubaisat, Al-Mazarie, Al-Muharebah and Al-Moraikhat.”
(Source: Al Ittihad Weekly July 16, 1992 - Encyclopedia of home - p. 24)

According to some historical references for the island of Dalma, (as mentioned in Al-Ittihad newspaper of Abu Dhabi), research has shown that in the 7th century AD, there were five main islands surrounding Bahrain, and one of which was called (Talmon) where there is fresh water deep in the soil, and grooves of its land form plains where rain water gathers forming streams of fresh water that help grow the trees all around, and birds live in such as:(the Marine Alloha) and (Al-surr Birds), which fill the air with cracks and screams.

And around these trees Al-Moraikhat tribe settled and built the first (Freij) or (district) on the island giving it the name of (Al-Moraikhat Suburb). Their houses called (Urshan) that were built of palm fronds, spread all around the island and their ships began sailing over Arabian Gulf on diving trips looking for pearls in the bottom of the sea.

(Adapted from Al Khaleej newspaper, Al Ittihad newspaper, Al-Shorouk magazine, the book of” Al-Mofassal in the history of the United Arab Emirates” Dr. Faleh Handhal, Dr Abdul Sattar Ghazawi) Sources of the book – “Dalma, the home of originality and beauty” p. -52

In the past, the island of Dalma was considered the main marine center for pearl fishing, and the records mention that pearl markets were regularly held for vendors who came from the ends of the globe such as India.

One of the 19th century collections of buildings, that have been recently restored, includes the house of a famous pearl merchant from Al-Moraikhat family, while pieces of ceramics were found during the restoration of the foundations of nearby mosque shards of pottery dating back to the early Islamic late era.

Reference: book (Civilization underlying) the entrance to the effects of the United Arab Emirates. (Mr. / Peter Hilier - p. 166)