Al-Meraikhi Old House

Founded by the late Mohammed bin Jassim Al-Meraikhi

The late Mohammed Bin Jassim Al-Meraikhi was born in Delma Island in 1870 AD and died in 1935 AD.  Mohammed bin Jassim Al-Meraikhi was the most famous and the largest Pearl traders in Dalma Island and one of the leading pearl merchants in the Gulf, he and his sons Eid and Hader.  He also had many grandchildren some of whom held senior positions in the state

When he passed away, the famous poet, Abdul Rahman Bin Ali Al-Mubarak lamented him in a long poem entitled “Mohammed, The man of the Folk" in his collection of poems (Diwan Sheikh Abdul Rahman Bin Ali Al-Mubarak) Page 79, and among which we got the following verses describing him as a man of great personality who used to support the poor and the weak and had given lots of charity that the whole country will never forget him and his great deeds:

خطب دهانا بليل حل العتيما - حرم علينا بالدجى لذة النوم
بتنا كما بات اللديغ السليما - والا مريض بات ساهر ومحموم
حامي الحمى دون حرمة والحريما - له هيبة مابين خادم ومخدوم
ياما عمل لله خير جسيما - ياما كسا ياما عطا ومد محروم
تكفون ياحاضر زبون الجريما - ياعيـــد تكفى يانسل ذيك القروم
خلو مقام محمد مستقيما - خلو اعتباره دايم الدوم مرسوم