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Dear All Dalmaisland.com  visitors

Dalma Island site is one of the oldest specialized site for Delma Island United Arab Emirates on the web according to our information, was released in December of 2004 in Abu Dhabi – UAE, which speaks of the island in general and its history , its effects and part of the tales of people in the Arabic language (with translation in the English language version of the site).

And a desire to achieve demand a lot of e-mails that we have received, we updated this site in 2011, and then update the new Internet technology version in January 2015, and added a new tourist information about the island and how to travel to Dalma, and we explained the most historic places, and we add a lot of images that we have obtained from our own sources and few videos from You tupe.
It is my pleasure to mention here that there is no word or report mentioned in this site , it came from documented source as we mentioned in the web page archive, so it would be helpful information for the reader or researcher. We also keep the source as a book , a newspaper or a report  with an images or pages within the site archives.
So we hope all the visitors who wish to join us, or would like to weigh in updating information of this website or add new information or historic video clips for any information on the site, or a add an image, or a story of the people of the island, so that you can email  us below, and attach a on your email a copy of the information source that wants to be added to achieve .

Finally, thank you, and we thank all those who participated in the effort to highlight this site, and we apologize for any inadvertent error in the display any information .